Client: Grid3 Nigeria

Piloting The Geospatial Microplanning Toolkit in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, there has been a demand for geospatial technologies to aid the delivery of health services. In response, GRID3 has partnered with the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) and Novel-T to develop the Geospatial Microplanning Toolkit (GMT), a web application which will support health officials in conducting microplanning for health interventions digitally. 

Learn how the GMT was piloted with NPHCDA's National Emergency Routine Immunisation Coordination Centre in Nigeria using routine immunisation microplans.

Client: SAMI

How SAMI touches the life of Sickle Cell Warriors

SAMI ( Sickle Advocacy and Mgt initiative), a non-profit, touches people's lives with sickle cell disease through one of its projects, The SAMI XTRA CARE Outreach, a free clinic for sickle cell warriors. With 14 years of reaching over 5000 people directly and indirectly with sickle cell support, our aim is to help people with chronic illness and chronic pain sickle cell disease lives healthier, positive and more productive lives. 

Client: The Velocity Initiative


SponsorHER is a project with the objective of raising 3 million naira in grants for 30 nano-scale women entrepreneurs to scale their businesses. Conscious that the feminisation of poverty not only affects women but their families; particularly their children. SponsorHER aims to tackle youth development issues at its source - the family.

Client: Ishk Tolaram Foundation

Free Prosthetic Limbs

Ishk Limb Centre providing free prosthetic limbs for amputees in Nigeria.

Client: The Destiny Trust

Give Them A Chance

The destiny Trust, a non profit organisation putting street children into school.

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